Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Night Market

First, how are you today, I hope all of you always feel good alright . This week I want to tell a new story about “pasar malam or night market.
The “pasar malam or night market, is very popular in Malaysia. The night market is made up of a group of traveling traders who go to a different place each night to sell their wares.
A trip to the “pasar malam A.K.A night market can be very interesting. There is always a wide variety of thing to see and buy. There are clothes, shoes, bags, watches, cooking utensils, dried food-stuffs, cooked food, drink and ever fresh vegetables and meat. “Pasar malam “ I love to see kuih unik or cake for example kuih seri muka, lompat tikam, mek comel, tahi itik and so on. Sometimes, you can even catch a pet show at a night market.
The medicine seller at the night market always draws a large crowd. This man is a good talker, and entertains the crowd with his wisdom. He puts up a mini show to let crowd see for themselves how good his medicine is.
Many people go to the night market to buy things because they are cheap. You do not have to travel very far to reach a night market. The night market travels to you. These night markets go to many different areas. You can normally find a night market that goes to your neighbourhood once a week.

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