Friday, March 7, 2008

The Color Friends

Green Color Friend
· One who sees the positive and puts hope in everything

color Friend
· Color of the sea and the sky…
· Friend who bring peace and serenity

Color Friend
· Color of the sun
· Friend who makes us laugh,
And shows us a star when are sad.

Color Friend
· One who reminds us of the rules in life, but encourages us to change, with warm loving words.

Ha! The “ Orange Color Friend
· Enhances our spirit with new energy, with loving vitamins to help us grow

The “Grey Color Friend”?
· One who teacher us silence to reflect and interiorize helping to know ourselves and other better.

The “Purple Color Friend”
· Color of the nobles ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart.

The “Brown Color Friend”
· Might help us to step down of false illusion, and come down to earth, to the reality of the
daily simple true living.

And our “White Color Friend”
· One who will help us discover the wisdom hidden to be learn within any of our experience

If we gather

All our friend in

A big meeting

We will discover

A rainbow of love

Thank you for being such a colorful friend.


mamamia said...

Dear Awin...

Great to know u.. it's true that knowing u is to love u... keep it up girl.. and respect urself and ur friends too yaa...

Tengku Norazuwin Binti Che Ku Zangi said...

mamamia==> tq for your advice.