Friday, March 7, 2008

Chapter 6: How to Survive In Business


What I understand when read the story in chapter 6, this is initial step taken by Tengku farith Rithaudden hold office full time that is as Priseden Dalam SKALI. His first task are shaped 2 deep group launch company ' journey. Proud with the outcome SKALI able to pay creditor although partial. SKALI also not forget former staff ever serve with, give salary arrears as appreciate energy so long as pour out.
Chapter this also recounted some clothing also matters deep deal where somebody also evaluated by the customer to determine eligible or no grab one tender.
To get one project, deeply involved because of the need compete with company large that, also experienced by SKALI. But through spirit who had never faded and spirit want developed finally SKALI gets many projects can be considered large to accommodate cost are sought after so long as. But that not something that easy when get one project, if it failed to be implemented company will experience bankrupsi.
Although it quite successful, but irregular among member also happened where wrong SKALI's a strongman quit.This very weaken new company want breathing. With poise and plead guilty that in one key weapon friendship. Disorder get calm down almost it.
Although flounder undergone finally, painful impact visible with the business successful and developed first adding investor confidence for SKALI.
Acquired education is please do not easy despair and must have true spirit good friend relationship in one.

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dAMsEL M said...

overall, i think u understand this chapter and i hope u be success in the presentation coming soon..good luck..