Saturday, March 8, 2008

What is Family?

What is Family?

Keep going, it would be good for you to recognize your role in life.

Do you know what is family?

Do you really understands what is behind the would family?

It gives us a shock when we know the answer.

Father and mother, I love you

WHY does a man want to have a WIFE?
Because: W – Washing
I - Ironing
F – Food
E – Entertainment

WHY does a woman to have a HUSBAND?
Because: H- Housing
U- Understanding
S- Sharing
B- Buying
A- And
N- Never
D- Demanding

Do you know that a simple “ HELLO” can be a sweet one?
Especially from our loved ones. The word HEELO means:

H- How are you?
E- Everything all right
L- Like to hear from you
L- Love to see you soon!
O- Obviously, I miss you… so, HELLO! Good day

Thank …So I really love my family… I LOVE FAMILY SO MUCH
Send this message to the persons you care and just say hello to them.

Family Dinner

Note this week nothing really only I wish to reflect back current memory with family dinner to last weekthis KFC....
To last week working that inaugural brother in Johor back on vacation several days in the village then to invite every family member out eating while wisecrack.

You can see picture those recorded as memory hereunder......

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Color Friends

Green Color Friend
· One who sees the positive and puts hope in everything

color Friend
· Color of the sea and the sky…
· Friend who bring peace and serenity

Color Friend
· Color of the sun
· Friend who makes us laugh,
And shows us a star when are sad.

Color Friend
· One who reminds us of the rules in life, but encourages us to change, with warm loving words.

Ha! The “ Orange Color Friend
· Enhances our spirit with new energy, with loving vitamins to help us grow

The “Grey Color Friend”?
· One who teacher us silence to reflect and interiorize helping to know ourselves and other better.

The “Purple Color Friend”
· Color of the nobles ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart.

The “Brown Color Friend”
· Might help us to step down of false illusion, and come down to earth, to the reality of the
daily simple true living.

And our “White Color Friend”
· One who will help us discover the wisdom hidden to be learn within any of our experience

If we gather

All our friend in

A big meeting

We will discover

A rainbow of love

Thank you for being such a colorful friend.

The Right Path

Why are we here, where we come from
Where's our future, leading us
Where's our life, taking us
Show us the path, dear Allah
What are we, to do here
There must be a reason to be here
Ya Allah the greatest
Nor of these you create for waste
Show me the right path
The path of the favored one with your grace
Show me the right path
The path of Rasulullah and his companions
Don't leave me please your guidance I need
Show me the way, light up my life
Don't leave me please your guidance I need
Show me the way, to gain your love

Chapter 6: How to Survive In Business


What I understand when read the story in chapter 6, this is initial step taken by Tengku farith Rithaudden hold office full time that is as Priseden Dalam SKALI. His first task are shaped 2 deep group launch company ' journey. Proud with the outcome SKALI able to pay creditor although partial. SKALI also not forget former staff ever serve with, give salary arrears as appreciate energy so long as pour out.
Chapter this also recounted some clothing also matters deep deal where somebody also evaluated by the customer to determine eligible or no grab one tender.
To get one project, deeply involved because of the need compete with company large that, also experienced by SKALI. But through spirit who had never faded and spirit want developed finally SKALI gets many projects can be considered large to accommodate cost are sought after so long as. But that not something that easy when get one project, if it failed to be implemented company will experience bankrupsi.
Although it quite successful, but irregular among member also happened where wrong SKALI's a strongman quit.This very weaken new company want breathing. With poise and plead guilty that in one key weapon friendship. Disorder get calm down almost it.
Although flounder undergone finally, painful impact visible with the business successful and developed first adding investor confidence for SKALI.
Acquired education is please do not easy despair and must have true spirit good friend relationship in one.

Chapter 5 : Changing Business Models


Chapter 5 tell over the rise SKALI. When economic crisis undergo malaysia beginning to pick up.Wrong deep a personage SKALI had quit felled at Tengku Farith Rithaudeen fill vacancies that and resigning deep Road Builder to join SKALI full time and take over the role large in the company as president Board member discuss to develop again company with implement various changes SKALI's first role make mirror garden Alta vista still not enough and think to make garden wed own. Amidst portal stated make search engine Alta vista and each one it meet different target group need.
In to the job find table of contents is not easy particularly involve financial affairs. Yet viscous spirit only will succeed bear fruit luxurious. Contract sum through advertising much help deep SKALI stabilize finance
With efforts knows no defeated meaning SKALI already successfully reduce the loss as many 3 million compared 10 million in the year before it. This show progress obtainable not easy if never try sincerely . Have not even completely stable but it can see success would be enjoyed particularly when remember back bitter event in whose experience year who before it.
In chapter this also recounted how one organization can succeed with friend loyal spirit and also team spirit deep produce one project in whose give and further achieve stated project effectively.
what can be learnt go through chapter this is effort let to the grassroots and must not be quick admit defeat in any struggle because revenue help him will bear in meet also finally.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


The people of our country come from many races. Each has its. Own beliefs, religions, culture and of course festivals. We, together, celebrate many festivals.
Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Cristmas are the major festivals that just about everyone takes part in. During there occasions, we visit one another regardless our ethnic origins. These are the times for merry- making and relaxation. The cities are deserted, people are dressed in their best and the sound of exploding fire-crackers fill the air.
Food and drinks are offered and taken freely, for these are times for enjoyment and not for worrying about dieting.
Besides these festivals., there are minor ones that are celebrated with less fervour. Hari raya Aidiladha, Chap Goh Mei, Thaipusam and Easter are some of these. They are, on the whole, celebrate by those directly involved only. Thus they are not on a grand scale.
Whatever festivals they are especially the major ones, I always enjoy, for usually, they are also public holidays. What day is better than a holiday, festival or not?
How you feel by something about festivals? I hope you all enjoy and thank God because we are as “rakyat malaysia” alive peaceful.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Night Market

First, how are you today, I hope all of you always feel good alright . This week I want to tell a new story about “pasar malam or night market.
The “pasar malam or night market, is very popular in Malaysia. The night market is made up of a group of traveling traders who go to a different place each night to sell their wares.
A trip to the “pasar malam A.K.A night market can be very interesting. There is always a wide variety of thing to see and buy. There are clothes, shoes, bags, watches, cooking utensils, dried food-stuffs, cooked food, drink and ever fresh vegetables and meat. “Pasar malam “ I love to see kuih unik or cake for example kuih seri muka, lompat tikam, mek comel, tahi itik and so on. Sometimes, you can even catch a pet show at a night market.
The medicine seller at the night market always draws a large crowd. This man is a good talker, and entertains the crowd with his wisdom. He puts up a mini show to let crowd see for themselves how good his medicine is.
Many people go to the night market to buy things because they are cheap. You do not have to travel very far to reach a night market. The night market travels to you. These night markets go to many different areas. You can normally find a night market that goes to your neighbourhood once a week.