Friday, March 7, 2008

Chapter 5 : Changing Business Models


Chapter 5 tell over the rise SKALI. When economic crisis undergo malaysia beginning to pick up.Wrong deep a personage SKALI had quit felled at Tengku Farith Rithaudeen fill vacancies that and resigning deep Road Builder to join SKALI full time and take over the role large in the company as president Board member discuss to develop again company with implement various changes SKALI's first role make mirror garden Alta vista still not enough and think to make garden wed own. Amidst portal stated make search engine Alta vista and each one it meet different target group need.
In to the job find table of contents is not easy particularly involve financial affairs. Yet viscous spirit only will succeed bear fruit luxurious. Contract sum through advertising much help deep SKALI stabilize finance
With efforts knows no defeated meaning SKALI already successfully reduce the loss as many 3 million compared 10 million in the year before it. This show progress obtainable not easy if never try sincerely . Have not even completely stable but it can see success would be enjoyed particularly when remember back bitter event in whose experience year who before it.
In chapter this also recounted how one organization can succeed with friend loyal spirit and also team spirit deep produce one project in whose give and further achieve stated project effectively.
what can be learnt go through chapter this is effort let to the grassroots and must not be quick admit defeat in any struggle because revenue help him will bear in meet also finally.

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