Thursday, February 28, 2008

Memory PSTD( Askar Wataniah)

In every individual opinion on something robust activity often is aimed special to people Adam. But in different my opinion because it must to women to women too with men coordinate.
Here, I would like to share experience could unforgotten with-you all. During 3 year I learn at college Bestari's technology I ever is involved in co curriculum activity very challenging via Military reserve team Darat(PSTD). Unwilling many students to engaged in course this is because actives activity would be made heavily weighted. But to me it it very good to discipline person or strengthen deep identity.
Undeniably since from school more I wish to involve in military force. Therefore once I track feet to college. Co curriculum activity that i want take part is PSTD. I also gained because have friends that have interests similar in stated activity. To all left 4 we had undergone activity in real life this during one month kem Tembila Besut Terengganu. As early as 7.00 am we all forgather at college move to the camp which will we undergo. a there to his first time we have been directed to do something activity who had never we dreams via escape surround wire field as many as.
In the next morning his day we had been surprised as early as time 5 morning to prepare. At first I feel like tortured because unfamiliar by table that the tight. We are required make (senaman pagi)PT morning each as early day time 6.30 morning and every time fill with range of activities. To our first week asked to military song and also marched. We have been distributed with 2 group Platun1 and Platun 2. I stay in platoon with members as many 37 people where man and woman mixture.
Second week is most wonderful week as the activity will is activity shooting .Not everyone.
We gather in the field time as early as wire 7 morning and board military truck to location shooting. About 20 minute’s journey we has in crazy field and ready to shoot. We had been given chance 10 ammunition before 20 ammunition for calculation eye. Although I not get many points but could not be imagined through words. Third week also we had been trained in facing war. During 6 day we has at the place where it very challenging person to confront moments bitter as nationalhero safeguard the nation. We taught to make defense stronghold, track enemy and also made hidden bomb.
Fourth week our final week practice make feet wire for the event day ceremony independence and closing for the event. We family parable where very hard spirit of friendship to achieve something training .In the last days in our camp where inseparable. we leave the memory that there in Kem. Before our back has apologized to all sergeants had been training us during a month.That's all my experience as a army.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my self

Assalamualaikum everybody….!!!! How are you today? Welcome to my blogspot!

First, I want to introduce about myself. My famous name is Awien..hihihihi….while my fullname is Tengku Norazuwin Binti Che Ku Zangi. I was born on October 23rd 1982 at Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu. Although I look fierce but I am a nice woman. I am also a friendly and warm person. My hobbies are listening to the music and reading magazine.

I have six siblings and I am a second from my siblings. I have two brothers and three sisters. My first brother is Tengku Shah Azuwal. I called him Wa. He is a kind and responsibility brother to my family. He always helps me when I was on trouble. My second brother is Tengku Atis Aswardy. He is an intelligent and caring person. Then, my sister’s name is Tengku Norazialis. Actually, she is a hard-working and honest woman. My lovely sister is Tengku Nor Zulaikha. She is a pretty and friendly girl. In the future, she want to be a first woman astronaut.insyaAllah..and my last sister is a cute girl, Tengku Nur Aleya Athirah. All my family loves her very much because she always makes us laughing with her ways. I love my family so much..muahhh…

My beloved father is Che Ku Zangi. He is a role-model to my family because he loves to help everybody that have problem. Then, my lovely mother is Che Ku Maimun. She is a loving mother. I am very lucky because I have a responsibility parents.

In primary school, I studied in Sekolah Kebangsaan Gelugor. When I was in standard four, I am a prefect. Then, in standard six, I face to UPSR examination. My result is ‘cukup2 makan’..hikhikhik.. After that, I continued my study in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Telanai. I got a success result in SPM exam.

After I received the SPM result, I got offering to continue my study in Kolej Teknologi Bestari in Diploma of Computer Science course during 3 year. In the co-curriculum,
I have an unforgettable experience. This experience was so challenges. I ever be a PSTD (Pasukan Simpanan Tentera Darat). In this PSTD, I was so excited with their training. The training was very care to discipline. Pass through PSTD, I got more knowledge about responsibility as a army. PSTD taught me to be more brave and believe to myself in life.

That’s all about myself. Hopefully, you all enjoy with me. Thanks you

To be continued in next entry.......

My Memory at TTI

As a citizen country of Terengganu, i’m very proud because Terengganu was recognize as a city on 1st January 2008. At the same time, the government of my country had accomplished the big project which known as Islamic Civilization Park ( TTI ). TTI was launched on 2nd February 2008 by our Prime Ministry Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi. TTI was built to increase the economy of Malaysia to promote tourist to come and see the artistry of society in Malaysia.

There are a lot of history resources in TTI like 21 replica monument of the world among “Taj Mahal”, and so on.I have a lot of reminds in TTI. The first I was really proud when I see the crystal mosque. The design is very smooth and perfect.

At TTI, has a Science Centre where the visitor can see an exhibition that relate many of materials of science. 1 have an opportunity to see the first astronaut of Malaysia Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor at here.My opinion to Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, he is a friendly, brilliant and can be a role-model to the future generations. At there, our astronaut brought his instrument that he used at outerspace for exhibition.

Science Centre also show the history science instruments for many years ago. I’m very excited to pictorial with Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor for my unforgettable memory.

Hopefully, I can share a bit of information at TTI with all of you for our knowledge. I love TERENGGANU so much……. thanks....